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How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2023

Introduction to Increase Instagram Followers

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to increase your Instagram followers!

Do you know Instagram has over one billion active users nowadays? This is how Instagram is increasing its popularity,

Consequently, Businesses, brands, and individuals offer their products, services, and lifestyles via this platform.

However, growing your Instagram following can be a challenging task. especially with the constant algorithm changes and fierce competition.

Table of Contents

This is the reason, we have brought this comprehensive tutorial for you. This guide will assist you in increasing your Instagram followers in 2023.

You’ll uncover professional methods and strategies that will enable you to increase your Instagram followers. No matter your level of expertise with social media marketing as a business owner.

So let’s get started and explore how to develop an effective Instagram strategy. So that can improve your account!

Why Instagram Followers Matter for Your Business?

Instagram gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services. Not only that but it also helps to build their brands, and engage with their target audience.

Thanks to its more than one billion active users. One of the most crucial indicators of the number of followers you have.

The number of followers will show how well your Instagram strategy is functioning.

We’ll look at why Instagram followers are essential for your business. Also, we will discuss how you can grow your followers to improve traffic, leads, and sales. Also, you can read Social Media Strategy – 5 Easy Steps to be succeed.

Increased Reach and Exposure

The potential audience for your content grows as you get more Instagram followers. Consequently, you will get a lot of chances for your content. Ask me how?

In this way, your content will pop up on the feeds in front of new users.

Now, those who show interest in your content will start to follow you for sure. Your chances of gaining new followers increase with the number of individuals who view your work.

Credibility and Social Proof

Having a large Instagram following can also boost your credibility and social proof.

Suppose you have gained thousands of followers on your Instagram account. Right? Now this number will appear in front of all of your visitors who are moving forward to your Instagram profile. Correct?

This number of followers will aid you in order to create a solid trust among them. At the same time, they will find legitimacy in your industry in your profile. Does it Make sense? Alo, This can lead to more sales and conversions.

Engagement and Brand Awareness

A larger Instagram following can also lead to increas engagement and brand awareness. When you will have more followers, it means you have a lot of opportunities on your hand.

Besides it, you have a larger audience to engage with through comments, likes, and direct messages.

Using this strategy you can build awareness around your brand for sure.

Influencer and Partnership Opportunities

Having a large Instagram following can also open up opportunities for influencer partnerships and collaborations with other brands.

If you do have significant followers, many other companies or brands may collaborate with you. Because they will be interested to market their goods and services to your larger audience.

Understanding the Algorithm: How Instagram Ranks Your Content

Now Understand how Instagram ranks your content.

Firstly, It Is crucial to understand that machine learning is the base of Instagram’s algorithm.

It says that the algorithm changes according to what the user chooses.

The algorithm’s primary goal is to keep users on your page for a long time. For that, the algorithm shows the similar material that users prefer to see.

This is how more engagement will happen between you & your followers.

How does Instagram determine the Content to show?


The algorithm prioritizes content that’s relevant to the user’s interests and past engagement history.


If your content gets a lot of likes, comments, and shares, means a larger audience already has explored your content. Correct?

Definitely, it will create an interest for new visitors to be explored. This is how the engagement ratio will increase.


Fresh content is always preferred over older posts so that the algorithm will prioritize more recent content.


Content from accounts that the user often interacts with, such as their friends or relatives, will be displayed more frequently.

Here are some tips to generate material that will be a higher probability of appearing in the feeds of your followers –

  • To boost exposure, use relevant hashtags that are connected to the material you produce.
  • Create engaging captions that encourage users to comment or share the post.
  • Post consistently to keep your account active and relevant.
  • Encourage your followers to turn on post notifications to ensure they don’t miss your latest content.
  • Interact with your followers by responding to comments and DMs to build relationships and increase engagement.
  • You may develop an effective Instagram strategy that will enable you to reach a larger audience & meet your company objectives. Before doing that you need to comprehend how the algorithm functions.
  • To maintain an advantage over the competition, keep track of algorithm updates and modify your plan as necessary.

10 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically

See, this is the digital era. Technologies are evolving day by day. Also, Instagram has developed itself into a vital platform for companies.

Not only for companies but also for influencers, and individuals.

Eventually, they use Instagram to be engaged with their targeted audience and promote their brands.

Nevertheless, increasing your Instagram following might be difficult, particularly when you’re up against millions of other users.

Therefore, it is too much important to have a solid strategy. So that you can build your Instagram followers naturally.

Optimize your profile:

Check whether your profile is completely optimized or not for the audience you want to get connected.

Because Your profile is your first impression for all who are visiting your profile.

Use a clear profile picture, write an engaging bio, and add a link to your website or blog.

Post consistently:

Consistency is key to growing your Instagram following. Post regularly and at the optimal times for your audience to keep them engaged.

Use hashtags:

Hashtag marketing is an effective strategy for increasing visibility and reaching more people.

Remember one thing nowadays hashtag marketing is one of the trending marketing strategies. So, always use it.

Use relevant hashtags according to your niche and your industry.

instagram followers
Hashtag Demo

Create engaging captions:

Captions are basically an efficient way to engage your audience and show off an aspect of your company.

So never forget to use captions while posting content.

Use engaging captions that encourage your followers to engage with your content.

Use Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories are a fantastic opportunity to show off the character of your company. It is a bit interesting because it may offer behind-the-scenes information.

Notice that, this method attracts visitors’ interest for sure.

Use polls, questions, and other interactive features to increase engagement.

Collaborate with other accounts:

You can collaborate with other accounts in the field you work in.

As it is a strategic way to reach a new audience and hook up new followers for your profile.

Host giveaways and contests:

Giveaways and contests are great ways to increase engagement and attract new followers.

Make sure your giveaway or contest is relevant to your brand and audience.

Post user-generated content:

I will recommend you to go for user-generated content for always. Not AI-generated content. Because user-generated contents are always easy to understand & read as well.

Engage with your audience:

Build relationships with your audience by answering comments and direct messages to improve engagement.

Track your progress:

Always use Instagram Insights. Because Insights will help you to understand how your entire content is performing.

Consequently, you will get a complete idea of the performance metrics. After that, you can go accordingly.

Use this data to adjust your strategy and improve your Instagram presence.

growing your Instagram following organically requires time, effort, and a solid strategy.

By using these ten proven strategies, you can increase your Instagram followers and build a community around your brand.

In order to reach your targeted goals, always maintain your consistency, interact with your audience, and monitor your progress.

The Role of Hashtags and How to Use Them Effectively

Hashtags have become a crucial part of any successful Instagram marketing strategy.

Hashtags are a potent tool that may expand the exposure and readership of your content.

Now we will discuss all the roles of hashtags on Instagram. Also, how you can use them effectively to improve your content’s visibility.

So, Let’s first clarify what hashtags are and how they operate. Hashtags are a keyword or phrases preceded by a “#” symbol. They are used to categorize and organize content on Instagram.

Users may view all of the postings that include a certain hashtag by searching for it.

Now let’s discuss the role of hashtags on Instagram.

The sole motive of hashtags is to make your content more visible over the Internet.

When you use hashtags, readers who are interested in that particular topic can find your content easily.

This can lead to increased engagement, more followers, and potentially even sales.

Do remember, if you just include hashtags in your post it will not work as per your expectation. I mean to say it is not enough.

However, if you want to add only hashtags in your content is not sufficient.

Always I recommend doing research on which hashtags are trending. Use them all. So that people can get your post very quickly.

The hashtags you use should be pertinent to the material you are presenting.

Now let me ask you one question, what are relevant hashtags?

My answer is relevant hashtags are those hashtags that are exactly related to your content.

Popular hashtags are those that have a high volume of posts and engagement.

Here are some tips for using hashtags effectively on Instagram:

  • Research and use popular hashtags related to your niche to increase your reach.
  • Create branded hashtags unique to your business to help build brand awareness.
  • Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags to reach a broader and more targeted audience.
  • Remember, A single post should not contain more than three hashtags. If you use so many hashtags your content appears as spammy. So, never do that.
  • Hashtags are an effective marketing technique that may expand your audience and make your content more visible on Instagram.
  • You may increase your chances of gaining new followers. For that enhance brand recognition, and increase traffic to your website.
  • Remember to use hashtags consistently and strategically to ensure the best results for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Creating High-Quality Visual Content That Captivates Your Audience

Instagram has more than a billion active users which makes it extremely competitive for consumers’ attention.

The good news is that you can produce content as per your requirements. Also, you can push your content to stand out and engages your audience.

But the job is not too easy to implement. In order to start with you need to follow a few straightforward rules.

The first step is, you need to create high-quality visual content. Now the question is how you can create high-quality visual content. My solution is to purchase a high-quality camera or smartphone.

Finally, your visual content will ensure that your images and videos are fully sharp, clear, and visually appealing.

Never purchase the most expensive equipment for it. But I advise you to invest in a piece of quality equipment. So that your content shows a significant difference.

This creates a more visually pleasing image and draws the viewer’s attention to your subject.

instagram followers
Instagram followers

The first step in creating high-quality visual content is to invest in a high-quality camera or smartphone. This will ensure that your images and videos are sharp, clear, and visually appealing. You don’t need to have the most expensive equipment, but investing in a quality camera or smartphone will make a significant difference in the quality of your content.

Next, you need to think about the composition of your images or videos. Consider the rule of thirds, where you divide the image into thirds both vertically and horizontally, and place your subject along these lines.

This creates a more visually pleasing image and draws the viewer’s attention to your subject.

You should also consider the lighting and colors in your photos and movies.

With greater visual appeal and eye-catching qualities, bright, brilliant colors perform better on Instagram.

Natural lighting is also crucial as it gives images a more genuine & natural appearance.

Keep your videos brief and direct while producing them. Instagram videos should be no longer than 60 seconds, so make every second count.

To enhance the watching experience, don’t forget to add music or sound effects. Also, use subtitles or text overlays to communicate your message.

Last, but not least, remember to Instagram-optimize your photos and videos.

I recommend you, use photos with a minimum width of 1080 pixels and the appropriate aspect ratio for your content.

Try to increase your exposure by utilizing pertinent hashtags. Don’t forget to interact with your followers by answering comments and direct messages.

You can produce stunning content for Instagram that engages your audience by adhering to these rules.

Remember to keep experimenting and testing new ideas to keep your content fresh and exciting.

If you want to grow your followers, attract new visitors & also improve revenue you need to create appropriate plans and approaches

Building a Strong Community Through Engagement and User-Generated Content

Building a strong community is essential for businesses and individuals looking to increase their Instagram following and drive more engagement. By engaging with your followers and encouraging them to create user-generated content (UGC), you can create a loyal fan base that will help promote your brand and increase your visibility on the platform.

First, let’s talk about engagement. Engaging with your followers is critical to building a community on Instagram. Responding to comments, direct messages, and tagging users in your posts can help you build a relationship with your audience.

This, in turn, can increase your engagement rates, as your followers will be more likely to like, comment, and share your content.

Next, let’s talk about What is user-generated content. UGC is content created by your followers that promotes your brand or product.

On Instagram, encouraging your followers to produce UGC is a great approach to creating a vibrant community.

Create a custom hashtag for usage by your followers when they post about your business or merchandise to achieve this.

Once you apply this strategy it will start giving you more visibility on Instagram. Also, it will motivate your fans to interact with your business.

To establish relationships with your followers, respond to comments and direct messages.

Create content that encourages your followers to engage, such as asking questions or hosting a poll.

Use Instagram Stories to showcase UGC and encourage your followers to create more.

Host giveaways or contests that encourage your followers to create UGC and tag your brand.

Feature UGC on your Instagram feed or website to show your appreciation for your followers’ contributions.

Do you know content is critical to your success on Instagram? In the situation of Building a strong community through engagement.

Remember to stay active, respond to comments, and showcase UGC to build a strong and engaged community on Instagram.

Collaborating with Influencers and Leveraging Their Reach

A successful technique for growing your audience and Instagram followers is collaborating with influencers.

Influencers are popular social media users with a sizable fan following.

They may help you promote your business more widely, boost engagement, and boost revenue.

You may engage with your target audience by working with influencers to take advantage of their authority and reach.

If you are going to collaborate with influencers there are some recommendations from my side. You can keep it in your mind.

Now look at some of my tips when you will move forward with your influencer marketing campaigns –

Choose the right influencers:

Always try to find out those influencers who are almost aligned with your brand and have a similar target audience.

This will help ensure that your partnership is authentic and resonates with your followers.

Set clear goals:

Define your campaign goals and KPIs before reaching out to influencers.

This will help you measure the success of your campaign and track ROI.

Create a compelling offer:

Offer something valuable to the influencer in exchange for their collaboration. such as free products, exclusive discounts, or a commission-based payment structure.

Be transparent:

Disclose your partnership with the influencer to your audience to maintain transparency and build trust.

Track and measure results:

Use tracking tools to monitor your campaign’s performance, track conversions, and measure ROI.

You can produce real content that connects with your target audience, increases engagement, and expands your followers.

Here collaborating with the appropriate influencers really matters.

Influencer collaborations can also help you reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

Influencer marketing, when used effectively, may help you expand your Instagram following and meet your professional objectives.

Tracking Your Progress: How to Measure the Success of Your Instagram Strategy

Tracking your progress and measuring the success of your Instagram strategy is essential to ensure that your efforts are paying off.

See, at the end of the day, you must check your Instagram analytics. Using analytics you can monitor everything, that is happening in your profile.

Therefore, by monitoring your metrics you can come to conclusion. What exactly do you need to do next?

Follower growth:

Tracking your follower growth is an essential metric to determine if your strategy is working.

A consistent rise in followers indicates that your material is engaging your audience and that you are successfully attracting new readers.

Engagement rate: What is the engagement rate? Engagement rate basically compares the number of shares, likes, and comments you get according to the total number of followers you have.

A high amount of engagement is a reliable sign that your material is worthwhile and pertinent to your audience.


Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen your content.

It is a useful tool for analyzing the impact of your hashtags and the general reach of your posts.


The total number of times your material has been seen, including repeated views from the same user, is the measure of an impression.

It’s a reliable measure of how frequently visitors are seeing your material in their feeds.

Click-through rate:

Basically, the ratio of clicks on your profile link to impressions is known as your click-through rate.

Also, it’s a useful tool for assessing your call to action effectiveness.

Hashtag performance:

Monitoring the performance of your hashtags can help you determine which ones are driving the most engagement and reach.

Use this information to optimize your hashtag strategy and improve your overall reach.

Instagram provides a free analytics tool. This is Instagram Insights. This Insight gives you information on your profile, audience, and content, which may be used to track these variables.

To gain a greater understanding of your performance, you may also utilize third-party analytics platforms. Like Hootsuite, Later, or Sprout Social.

It’s very important to monitor your progress and analyze the effectiveness of your Instagram strategy. Consequently, you can make sure that you are achieving your goals and connecting with your targeted audience,

You may find areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance your strategy by constantly tracking these essential factors.

Avoiding Common Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Instagram Growth

Avoiding common mistakes that may delay your Instagram growth. is essential if you’re using the platform to promote your company, brand, or personal account.

Instagram has lots of good for it. Such as a large audience and excellent engagement rates.

but there are also several risks that can harm your account’s growth and visibility.

Ignoring Your Audience:

Ignoring your Instagram followers is one of the biggest mistakes you can do.

It’s essential to respond to comments and DMs. Always engage with your audience. Build relationships to increase your engagement rates and build a loyal following.

Posting Inconsistent Content:

Posting inconsistently is another mistake that can hurt your Instagram growth.

Posting too much or too little can lead to a decrease in engagement and followers.

Instead, create a content calendar and post consistently to keep your account active and engaging.

Not Using Hashtags:

Hashtags are essential for getting discovered on Instagram.

However, many users make the mistake of not using them or using irrelevant hashtags.

Use relevant hashtags to increase your reach and get your content seen by a broader audience.

Using Low-Quality Visuals:

Instagram is a visual platform, so using low-quality visuals is a mistake that can turn off your audience.

Make sure to include eye-catchy, high-quality photos and videos that are exactly related to your niche.


While Instagram is a great tool for company or brand marketing, concentrating too heavily on it will stunt your growth.

Instead, concentrate on producing informative, inspiring, or entertaining material for your audience.

You can make sure that your Instagram account remains healthy and expands over time by avoiding these frequent blunders.

To remain ahead of the competition, keep track of Instagram’s algorithm updates and modify your plan as necessary.

You can utilize Instagram to accomplish your goals and establish a more meaningful connection with your audience. But yes if you adopt the appropriate strategy and frame of mind.

Final Thoughts: Your Step-by-Step Action Plan to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Ultimately, The success of your Instagram account depends on how successfully you are implementing your plan.

It’s now time to bring everything together and design a detailed action plan.

Define your goals:

You must establish your goals before putting any methods into action.

Are you really planning to increase your brand awareness, drive more organic traffic to your website, or look forward to boosting sales?

Your goals will help you create a more targeted and effective Instagram strategy.

Optimize your profile:

Your Instagram profile is the first impression that users will have of your brand. Make sure your profile is complete and optimized with a clear bio, profile picture, and link to your website.

Develop a content strategy:

The content you are creating should focus on your targeted goals. Because your content should resonate with your audience.

Make sure to Create a content calendar with a variety of excellent images, videos, and stories. Because all these things reflect the character and principles of your brand.

Use relevant hashtags:

Do you know hashtags are powerful tools for increasing visibility?

At the same time, hashtags will help you reach a larger audience. Therefore I recommend always using hashtags for your content.

Use relevant hashtags that are related to your content to increase visibility.

Engage with your audience:

Engage with your followers by responding to comments and DMs to build relationships and increase engagement.

Consider running contests or giveaways to incentivize engagement.

Collaborate with influencers:

I recommend you collaborate with influencers.

Are you thinking why should you collaborate with influencers?

The reason is, as much as you collaborate with them it will help you to reach a broader audience.

This is how you can build credibility with your followers

Analyze your results:

Use Instagram insights to track your progress and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Pay attention to metrics like engagement rate, follower growth, and post reach to measure the success of your strategy.

You may develop a thorough Instagram strategy that will assist you in achieving your objectives.

Along with it, it can expand your fan base by following the steps listed above.

To stay ahead of the competition, keep in mind to be consistent and be informed of any algorithm or best practice changes.

With patience and persistence, you can build a successful and engaged Instagram community.

Increase your Instagram Followers: Conclusion

In summary, I can tell you that increasing your Instagram following might be difficult.

But yes, with appropriate tactics and persistent work, you can succeed. Always keep in mind to concentrate on producing high-quality content.

Also, include pertinent hashtags. Keep yourself engaged with your followers, and track your results to modify your plan as necessary.

Finally, as you can see, I’ve covered a few steps for growing your Instagram following. By following these steps you can develop a comprehensive Instagram strategy.

Also, it will help you to increase your Instagram followers. As well as drive more traffic to your website, and achieve your business goals for sure.

You may create a thriving and active Instagram community that will expand and prosper over time if you are persistent and patient.

So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these strategies today and watch your Instagram following soar!

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